Thursday, November 7, 2013

Idaho ranked in the top for retirees

Idaho is a better place to retire than Hawaii, according to a recent survey. ranked Idaho as the best place to retire based on its stable economy and low crime rate. It ranked Iowa as the second best place and Hawaii as number three.
Idaho ranked marginally in just one of the many categories the magazine considered: The state’s winter climate may be unappealing to some retirees, according to the publication. Despite winter temperatures that can dip well below freezing, and the likelihood of snow, the Gem State has one of the fastest growing senior populations.
Idaho garnered a top 10 retiree slot by US News Money in its most recent survey, and was ranked number three by CNN Money.
Post Falls, according to one writer “is surrounded by 55 lakes and 30 golf courses within a 35-mile radius.” 
The city, noted the writer, is 10 minutes from cultural hub Coeur d’Alene – which boasts a vibrant art community, and less than 25 minutes from Spokane.
One theme that rang through the rankings is the state’s low income tax rates and lower than average home prices. Both are important factors for retirees looking for places to live.

Ralph Bartholdt

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