Friday, August 16, 2013

Julyamsh 2013

Dressed in the the regalia of his family or tribe a participant in the Julyamsh pow wow dances at the Post Falls Greyhound Park.- Bartholdt

POST FALLS —Julyamsh is an annual tribal gathering in Post Falls, Idaho comprised of dancing, singing and celebrating. The Coeur d’Alene Tribe plays host to the celebration in which individual tribal members and families from throughout the Northwest participate.

“Pow wow is a contemporary word used to describe what was once called a victory dance. If you can imagine the area where the dancers are dancing, the crowd, the Master of Ceremonies – everyone is gathered together – all of these things symbolize the opening of the first dance, the return of the warriors from the war trail or a raid of neighboring tribes to get horses, or a successful hunting party.
The grand entry can be described as an announcement of the warriors or a part of the tribe's homecoming. The warriors would change into their finest clothing a few miles from the main camp. A serpentine ride in the form of a snake down a hill and onto flat ground would complete the journey into camp. As they made their way to camp, the snake dance song would be presented and a victory song would be sung – thus the grand entry.
It symbolizes the warriors coming home, arriving at the camp and into the area where a social dance would be held to welcome them and celebrate their successful ride. The riders would return displaying their finery and the things they gained on their trail.” – Coeur d’Alene Tribe website

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