Monday, October 22, 2012

Lake City in Top 10 retirement towns

photo by Esterline What does Coeur d’Alene offer that other destinations don’t? It’s small, clean and gorgeous, according to a CNN poll that ranks the lake city in the Top 10 places to retire. A CNN poll recently placed Coeur d’Alene at the number nine spot among retirement destinations along with Winston-Salem , North Carolina, Austin, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky. Our city along the lake offers a variety of reasons to rank in the top including its climate, which provides warm summer temperatures and mid-range winter temps (it’s not as cold as say, Traverse City, Michigan, which also ranked in the Top 10.). The urban area is small enough to cover via bicycle – indeed, a trail connects Post Falls with the city center, and it offers retirees an interstate highway and millions of acres of forests and waterways to explore. More here: And here: -Ralph Bartholdt