Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Easy access fixer in elk, trout country

Service Creek is a narrow road that climbs in sort of a sweeping curve in a northerly direction ending in a valley surrounded by mountains of the lower Coeur d'Alene Range of the Bitterroots. It is a fairly easy 1 1/4 mile jog from where the Service Creek Road leaves the Canyon Road along I-90 at the eastern foot of Fourth Of July Pass. I know some young men who prefer this country out of a slew pot of similar North Idaho landscapes for a couple reasons: It is easy to get to. There are a crock load of elk here. From the Canyon Road at the Rose Lake Junction (I-90 Exit 34) fly fishers can access the blue ribbon trout fishery of the Coeur d'Alene River's North Fork in the time it takes to get a meal in the Drive Up of a Carl's Junior at rush hour. The whitetail deer in these valleys are big and most hunters head to more remote areas to do their big game banging. In other words, they do not hunt here. It is 20 minutes from the famed pike fishery of the chain lakes. Ice fishing is best at Rose Lake because it seems to always freeze over. There are other reasons as well, access, being the biggie: You drive down I-90, take Exit 34 and Voila! You're ready to rock n' roll. My point is simple. If there were a place here for sale for cheap, say, a fixer, maybe. One that is liveable. One that has a new wood stove in it along with new metalbestos piping and a wood shed out back. One that has new electrical in the box - many of these places still have the cloth and ceramic post wiring of days gone by, new power at the post, new sewer lines and a newly drilled well, well, it may be worth ponying up some cash for something like that. Let's say the place is on a half acre with roads on each side, and the road out front is the first to be plowed in winter because the state shop is located there. And let's add this: On a fall day after the stove has been stoked and the owner wants some getaway time, he or she can slip aboard an ATV and head up the road to Forest Service land for a bit of hunting, or slip on the waders and head to the lonesome river for some late season fly casting, or slip the boat off the trailer and chase pike a few minutes away at Killarney Lake. Wouldn't that be nice? There is such a place. It is partially remodeled, although much of it is still in its original state. The owners have lived here for several years as they attempted to refurbish the house while working day jobs. The property is on a half acre. It is listed for $69,000. If that appeals to you, or if you want to make an offer, let me know. Ralph Bartholdt Agent Keller Williams Coeur d'Alene 208-582-1867