Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rathdrum reduces building fees

Rathdrum council members agreed to chop a chunk of change from the city's steep impact fees making it easier to build in this edge-of-the-prairie community.
Imposed on new construction, the impact fees are used for a variety of city services including park maintenance and to defray the cost of operating its police force.
Council members agreed to cut $782.97 from the cost of building a single family home, the Rathdrum Star reports in an Oct. 26 front page story.
Without impact fees the cost to mitigate the impact of new construction would fall on current taxpayers, according to The Star.
In other communities the fees are usually used to maintain utilities, or to "buy in" to a public utility, such as a water treatment, or sewer plant that other residents are already paying for.
In Rathdrum, contractors must add $2,957.25 to the cost of a building permit to construct a single family home.

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