Monday, May 16, 2011

Backyard coups, Chickens take to NI towns

                                              Raising chickens is common, and allowed, in many NI cities/Ralph Bartholdt 

Backyard bantees, barred rocks and Australorps are common in some cities where council members have lifted bans on raising chickens.
In the small town of St. Maries, an hour drive south of Coeur d'Alene, the council voted this month to allow chickens in town after a 10-year-old citizen asked to raise a few hens in her back yard as a 4-H project.
Kootenai, Idaho near Sandpoint adopted a similar measure last year and Rathdrum is considering one.
Throughout North Idaho, communities have given the nod to backyard coops as long as roosters are not in the picture.
Coeur d'alene allows chickens. In Hayden, residents must have 3/4 acre dedicated to the birds. Don't be surprised to wake to roosters crowing in Spirit Lake, and chickens have been a staple in Sandpoint yards for several years.
Although local co-ops are brimming with baby birds and kids carrying small boxes that peep, before you buy call City Hall to see if chickens are kosher, or considered a nuisance and best baked with garlic and basil.

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-Ralph Bartholdt

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