Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uncle Bud

Bud Frasca, owner of Northwest Classic Tackle at 9751 N. Government Way in Hayden./Ralph Bartholdt

Bud Frasca grew up an elbow nudge away from trout rivers with names like Batten Kill and Au Sable.
He worked in New York’s famous William Mills and Son fly shop – around the corner from Ground Zero  - where he learned the nuances of fishing for trout with bamboo and flies.
The former book publisher and later, mortgage broker, came West decades ago at the behest of a friend and immediately fell on the opportunity that its waters provided.
He fished the big name rivers and many of the region’s unnamed streams and the spring creeks that aficionados flock to like gourmands to duck liver.
Retirement brought him to Idaho where he operates his Northwest Classic Tackle shop on North Government Way in Hayden. For many years he has imparted his passion and love of flyfishing to anyone who jingles the bell above the door.
This month’s column in Northwest Sportsman Magazine is dedicated to Bud.
Grab a copy at your grocer’s magazine rack and head over to say, Hi.
He has a story for you.

-Ralph Bartholdt

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