Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pain in the Gas

                                                                                Bad gas. Prices in NI spike/Ralph Bartholdt    

    The recent 18-cent increase in the average gas price countrywide marks the second-largest increase in a one-week period since 1990, according to news reports.
    The other major spike happened in Sept 2005 when prices took a big 7-day jump in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
    The latest increase puts the average Idaho price at $3.28 a gallon, about four bits lower than elsewhere in the nation.
    That's a good thing, but it cannot downplay the super price hike and what it means to commuters and budget watchers across the nation.
   Why pump prices are playing catch-up with rising oil and wholesale gasoline prices are included in the following AAA link.
    The auto association notes that the buyers of oil and gas futures are responsible for skyrocketing prices at a time when the impact of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa is minimal.

    The jump in local gasoline prices took me by surprise as I visited my favorite North Idaho gas station, which for more than a month had kept its prices well below the $3 per gallon mark until last week.
    This station, I must add, didn't play price games by posting on its reader board one low price - while the small print dictated that consumers who paid with a debit card at the pump actually got gouged because they didn't pay cash inside.

Here's a look at the best prices in the Greater Coeur d'Alene area:

-Ralph Bartholdt

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